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Brand Guidelines: The Secret Ingredient for Visual Cohesion

Updated: Dec 15, 2023

You crafted a strategic brand platform rooted in purpose. Gorgeous visual assets now relay your story. But without guidelines for implementing those powerful tools, how can you ensure consistency?

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Brand Guidelines

What Are Brand Guidelines?

Brand guidelines outline in exacting detail how all visual elements (logos, fonts, colors etc.) can and cannot be used across materials and channels. They maintain integrity as employees, content creators, designers, and partners apply your carefully developed brand.

Consistent Logo Guidelines

You’ve invested in an iconic logo emblem. Brand guidelines supply:

• Precise measurements

• Minimum size

• Acceptable/unacceptable transformations

• Usage over color/photography

• Ample white space requirements

• Approvals for co-branding

Font and Color Palette Specifications

Harmonious fonts and colors used properly elicit the desired emotional response from customers. Guidelines include:

• Primary and secondary font styles

• Approved applications per font

• Color hex codes or Pantone values

• Full color and black/white versions

• Palette combinations and when to leverage each

Cohesive Imagery Directions

Photos and illustrations set the tone. Brand guidelines dictate:

• Model portrayals that align to personas

• Backgrounds and props that reinforce brand personality

• Stylistic filters and editing expectations

• Contexts where abstract images excel vs. lifestyle scenes

Careful adherence to all brand guidelines builds familiarity and trust with the public as they engage unified touchpoints. This less-flashy workhorse allows your strategy’s visuals to truly shine. Partner with designers well-versed in strategically implementing brand systems for maximum impact.

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