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Viral Magazine

Viral Magazine

Excluding Sales Tax

A new and improved way of showcasing your client work, all while keeping your clients entertained! They sometimes come in, not knowing what type of style they want, and this booklet allows them the opportunity to browse through your best work and choose. 


8-10 pages depending on amount of pictures /information provided. Lesser pictures/info = lesser pages


Please note:

  • The current turn around time is 2-4 business Days. 
  • This is FINAL sale! No refunds.
  • Once the electronic/graphic version is approved, we are not responsible for any revision requests/errors. 
  • SHIPPING included
  • Pick up option available USE CODE: PICKUP at checkout. 
  • You are resonsible for providing pictures and list of services within 48 hours of making your purchase. Failure to do so, will cause your order to be delayed. 


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