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White Raven

High Vibrations | Art | Community | Opportunity 

Welcome to the epicenter of ink and metal in Bangor, Maine. Where edgy meets artistry, and fun gets permanently etched. Explore your style with us! From intricate and detailed tattoos to creative and fun piercings, we are ready to bring your visions to life.

Ran Wright Auto

Trust | Exceptional Service | Transparency | Quality

At Ran Wright, trust is earned through transparency and exceptional service. They strive to enlighten their valued customers by maintaining open communication throughout the entire process, ensuring a quality service.

Emerging Scents

Positive Energy | Peace | Home | Change

Experience transformative power of aromatherapy as a pathway to peace, joy, and healing. Each handcrafted candle is infused with carefully selected scents that evoke positive emotions, promote relaxation, and create a serene ambiance. Allow the therapeutic fragrances uplift your spirit, rejuvenate your mind, and restore your inner balance.


Award Luxury Transport

Premium | Exclusive | High Class | Welcoming

Award luxury car transportation providing top-notch transportation services with a fleet of luxury vehicles, for clients who demand the best.

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