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CB Luxe Group

Luxurious | Welcoming | Chic | Metamorf Experience (Except Logo)

The journey to unparalleled luxury in real estate begins here. CB Luxe Group is not just a choice; it's an experience. It's the bridge between your dreams and reality, the architects of your opulent future, and the custodians of the extraordinary.

Mia Warren The Realtor

Vibrant. Unique. Chic. Simplistic.

Mia desired to have a brand identity that stood out in color, but does not overwhelm or overpower the safe space she wants her clients to feel. The colors are fun yet representative of the warm feeling she gives her clients.

The Hart Realty

Vibrant. Fun. Natural & Nurturing Feeling Based.

Adams Realty puts the C  in creative branding. Although it is creative branding, it is still clean and professional. The vibrancy instantly catches the attention of those who love nature and nurturing feelings. Those who enjoy a home of peace.

Ava The Realtor

Modern. Sleek. Chic. Subtle.

Ava desired to have a brand identity that was simplistic in black and white, and set a tone of creative yet modest. It matches her style and tone of business.