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Sua Sponte Security

Lamar Legal Group

Compassion| Empathy | Collaboration| Integrity | Professionalism

Our mission is to guide individuals through positive divorce processes while ensuring the protection of their assets, whether through litigation or alternative methods.

We are dedicated to minimizing conflict, promoting amicable resolutions, and fostering a healthy transition for our clients and their families.

BBC Coaching & Consulting

Opulent | Collaboration | Credibility | Diversity

Empowering creatives to strategically navigate the intricate game of wealth accumulation by leveraging their business capital as a series of calculated moves, guiding them towards victory in the realm of finance. We provide expert wealth coaching and strategic investment guidance, enabling creatives to turn their creative passions into lasting prosperity.

A Wife That Gives Life

Loving - Compassionate - Empowering

Loretta Smith-Staton is a loving and dedicated wife that found a passion in helping other wives learn how to be better partners in their marriages. Her brand focuses on using Godly principles, empowerment, and support through social media, podcasts, workshops, and retreats in order to connect with other wives and assist them. Her brand gives a feeling of love for sure.